"I want to see Luscher Farm preserved for our public's enjoyment and appreciation through the years to come"
Rudie Luscher

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall at Luscher Farm

I went out to Luscher farm today to walk and photograph
all the seasonal changes....
Most of the community gardens are in full Fall collapse-
with sagging vines and green tomatoes. Some, however,
are still in harvest mode with cool weather veggies.
Here are a few shots:
Hollyhocks and windmill

A finch takes advantage of the last lingering sunflowers
The hedgerow we all planted earlier is thriving
Gorgeous Chard in front with some tasty Kale in the background

Leftover from summer days
Or else a very optimistic gardener!

Black Capped Chickadee with green tomatoes

Photographs by Kathe Worsley

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Centennial Celebration at Luscher Farm

The city had a huge Centennial Celebration on July 17th.
From 11am until around 9pm everyone could wander the farm
and enjoy all the different exhibits. This photo is of all the Farm Partners
at our information booth. It was a fun day with all of us together
as we had time to chat through the day in between answering
questions from all the people who dropped by.
Laura Masterson of the CSA was there, Conner Voss from Oregon Tilth, and
Jan Wirtz and Karen Davis who are with the City of Lake Oswego.
Karen is the Community Garden Co-ordinator and Jan Wirtz
is the Recreation Supervisor for Cultural Programs/Luscher Farm.
Here's a photo of Morry Fealy next to the Farm Partners booth.
We called these two scarecrows "The Polyester Sisters"-
Polly and Esther....hahah!
and here's a link to the Lake Oswego Review's coverage
of that day:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our T-shirts have arrived!

Our beautiful t-shirts with the
Friends of Luscher Farm logo
have arrived!
They are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk and made
in Honduras and only $15.00.
We will have them available this weekend
at Lake Oswego's Centennial event at Luscher Farm. http://www.ci.oswego.or.us/documents/LO100festvalposter071710.pdf

Many, many thanks to Jeff Foster
and Etta Wilkins-Foster for our gorgeous logo!
If you would like to purchase a shirt either
email us or come to the event this Saturday!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Beginnings of a Hedgerow!

Yesterday, June 5, 2010 we began planting the beginning of our hedgerow! It's been a long time coming and it was very satisfying to finally put some plants into the ground . We planted a few roses, a lot of red and yellow willows, Service Berry, Dogwoods, Nine bark and other appropriate native shrubs. We planted 3 rows of 375 feet long and spaced the plants out 4 feet apart with 5 like plants in a row before skipping to another variety. The planting plan was provided by the Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District. http://www.conservationdistrict.org/
In all we planted about 280 plants. Below are a few photos of our beautiful day.

This trailer was filled two times.
We accomplished a lot with just a few
people. The plants were propagated
last year by Americorps volunteer Aulani Johnson and taken care of by CSA's Laura Masterson and her crew.

At the end of the day we had lots of empty pots,
a lot of sore muscles, and a huge accomplishment!

Walking the line of plants and making sure the plants were properly placed! Doesn't it look great? Thanks to the CSA"S Laura Masterson of 47th Avenue Farm. http://www.47thavefarm.com/ and the City of Lake Oswego's Park and RecreationDepartment.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Luscher Farm chicken coop dedication honors efforts of Riccardo Spaccarelli

Usually it is things like ships, statues and buildings that receive dedication ceremonies.
But the chicken coop at Luscher Farm was deemed suitable for this honor by
the Friends of Luscher Farm.
After all, without the chicken coop there might no longer be a Luscher Farm.
And for the chicken coop, Lake Oswego must thank Riccardo Spaccarelli.
“We wanted to dedicate the sign as a way to thank Riccardo for all he’s done,” said Laura Masterson, director of 47th Avenue Farm. “It is also a way for people, when they come to the farm, to learn more about what the Friends of Luscher Farm group is doing.”
So recently, a friends group – Spaccarelli, his daughter Maria Morrison, Kathe Worsley, Tom Schirle, Russell Jones, and Masterson – showed up in cold, drizzling weather to dedicate the sign.
Also in full attendance were the chickens and all of the other birds who live in the coop, and they handled the frigid weather much better than the humans.
But the beautiful sign was worth the effort. On it, Spaccarelli explains the history of the chicken coop. There is also a photo of Spaccarelli, his dog Buck, and his old pal Rudie Luscher, the late former owner of the farm.
“There was no Rudie Luscher signage around here,” Spaccarelli said. “We needed to have some. Rudie sold this farm to the city and made the project possible. He started a precedent.”
The Riccardo-Rudie friendship began one day in the early 1990s when Spaccarelli was out running with his dogs near the hills of Luscher Farm.
“I was wanting to have access to the property and also do some bird training,” Spaccarelli said.
I decided to come to the farmhouse and knock on the door. I introduced myself to Rudie and he was very kind. We developed a friendship.
“Rudie loved to chat. I used to come over and talk to him for an hour before running my dogs.”
Luscher ended up almost like part of the Spaccarelli family. He allowed Spaccarelli to build a bird run to raise pheasants, quail and other birds. Spaccarelli repaid him by picking berries for Rudie’s wife Georgette to bake pies.
“Rudie became part of my extended family,” Spaccarelli said.
As the friendship evolved, so did the dream of Luscher Farm – as a rural spot in an urban setting, as Lake Oswego’s experiment in sustainable living. The city of Lake Oswego took over the farm after Luscher’s death in 1997 and allowed Spaccarelli to keep raising his birds.
That set the tone for everything that followed. The city liked what was happening at Luscher so much that it continued to purchase agricultural property, and now has 100 acres. To preserve “this special property” the Friends of Luscher Farm,
a non-profit organization,was formed in 2004.
While Masterson farms the land, the chicken coop thrives.
“The coop is a big draw to kids,” said Worsley. “They love to come watch the birds.”
All of this makes Spaccarelli quite happy.
As he says on the sign: “Perhaps the best legacy of my friendship with Rudie Luscher is this development of the FOLF through which we can support ongoing farm projects.
“Specifically, we hope to endorse projects which are consistentwith the dreams of Rudie Luscher.”

By Cliff Newell The Lake Oswego Review, Jan 7, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jason Kelley earns his Eagle Scout Award

On June 7th,2009 Jason Kelley was presented his Eagle Award.
Jason Kelley chose Luscher Farm to be the focus for his Eagle Service Project. Jason explains why:
"My Eagle project was to build and install three wildlife guzzlers at Luscher Farm. A guzzler is a catch basin for water and allows neighboring plants and animals to use that water. This project ws part of an overall community wildlife restoration program. Several years ago changes were made that caused the loss of many species of birds and wildlife. The "Friends of Luscher Farm" organization is making a concious effort to repair the damage. This project had a benefit on Luscher Farm because it provided additional water to some of the dry fields which attracted wildlife, specifically the amphibians and birds, back to the area. This influences all the plants and animals surrounding it in a positive way. To Luscher Farm, bringing back the wildlife and flourishing the plants and animals is vitally important.
I am very happy to have been part of this goal."
In addition to working on the guzzler project,Jason raised $300 to donate to Friends of Luscher Farm. We all appreciate his hard work and dedication.