"I want to see Luscher Farm preserved for our public's enjoyment and appreciation through the years to come"
Rudie Luscher

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jason Kelley earns his Eagle Scout Award

On June 7th,2009 Jason Kelley was presented his Eagle Award.
Jason Kelley chose Luscher Farm to be the focus for his Eagle Service Project. Jason explains why:
"My Eagle project was to build and install three wildlife guzzlers at Luscher Farm. A guzzler is a catch basin for water and allows neighboring plants and animals to use that water. This project ws part of an overall community wildlife restoration program. Several years ago changes were made that caused the loss of many species of birds and wildlife. The "Friends of Luscher Farm" organization is making a concious effort to repair the damage. This project had a benefit on Luscher Farm because it provided additional water to some of the dry fields which attracted wildlife, specifically the amphibians and birds, back to the area. This influences all the plants and animals surrounding it in a positive way. To Luscher Farm, bringing back the wildlife and flourishing the plants and animals is vitally important.
I am very happy to have been part of this goal."
In addition to working on the guzzler project,Jason raised $300 to donate to Friends of Luscher Farm. We all appreciate his hard work and dedication.

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