"I want to see Luscher Farm preserved for our public's enjoyment and appreciation through the years to come"
Rudie Luscher

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Testimony for This Evening

Children love to feed the chickens

It's an Important Evening Tonight-Please Show Up!!!

West End Building June 15th 6:30 -8:30pm

Just when did the word “farm” get removed from Luscher Farm?

It’s not a park. It’s a farm. It’s not urban. It’s rural.
Luscher Farm and the adjoining properties need to be set aside for the generations to come as a place of tranquility and peace. Luscher Farm needs to be in a special classification by itself. Never to be brought into the UGB and never to be developed and paved over . There are plenty of properties still out there for active sports; let us keep these lands to be used for agricultural, educational and passive activities; a place of peace, beauty, refuge, solace and health.
When I first moved here my favorite part of this city was Luscher Farm. That was back in 1978. It still is my favorite corner of the city. And little did I know that someday I would have a wonderful garden here. Not only have I been able to grow my own food here for over 15 years, but I have had the pleasure of enjoying the closeness to nature that this precious land can give to all of us.
And where else can one meet such down to earth friendly people while pulling weeds? We are a multi-generational neighborhood of people who want that connection to nature and closeness to the earth. We have enough noise and chaos around us all day and this place brings us back to the basics by being immersed in nature. We want this for ourselves and our children’s children.
Standing quietly in the stillness of Luscher Farm as the sun first comes up and seeing and hearing the farm wake up is a stellar experience. One not to be missed nor dismissed.
Let us ensure that we don’t look back years from now and say

“Oh if only we had left Luscher Farm a farm.”

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